Yellow Friends 👋

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I'm Vanessa, and you've just stepped into my digital garden, a cozy corner of the web where I sow seeds of thoughts, nurture my learnings, and showcase my pet projects🐈.

Here I have the freedom to express myself - It's important to note that everything I write here is purely my own opinion and doesn't reflect the views of the company I currently work for. This is a place where I can consolidate my understanding of all learnings, and also where I share some reflections on my experiences as a web developer.

But don't think it's all serious coding and programming talk!

I believe in finding joy in the little things, so you'll also find me writing about the things that bring a smile to my face. From the sports I love - skateboarding, surfing, tennis - to books,food and places and other pleasure of life. Ocassionally you might also find some introspections notes about life, work and the world around me.

It's a delightful blend of the technical and the personal because, let's face it, life is all about finding that sweet spot of balance.